Screenshot 2016-08-19 09.28.07Google Cardboard – The Cardboard viewer is a virtual reality experience with a simple viewer anyone can build or buy. Google Cardboard apps are available for free or for purchase on most smartphones. Try creating your own VR experience!




View-Master – Based off the design of the classic 3D View-Master, this new View-Master is a virtual reality viewer similar to the Google Cardboard viewer. The View-Master has a different set of apps and games available for purchase.




71BvThxnsXL._SX522_Leap Motion – Leap Motion is a motion sensing controller that you can use to interact with digital content and augmented reality. You can use the Leap Motion platform for maker projects, virtual reality applications, and more. Documentation is available for JavaScript, C++, C#/Unity, Python, Java, and Objective-C. The opportunities are endless! What will you create?