Mission Statement

The University of Idaho Library Making, Innovation, and Learning Laboratory (The MILL) creates an environment for all University of Idaho students, faculty, and staff to gather, explore, learn, and create new knowledge using state-of-the-art technology. The MILL does this by providing equipment, space, and expertise to support a wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary needs; by promoting information and digital literacy; and by facilitating the free and open exchange of ideas and knowledge between disciplines. In developing and supporting these skills, the MILL ensures that the University of Idaho community is prepared to address the unique needs and challenges of a 21st century economy and society.

MILL staff

Kevin Dobbins
Courtney Pace
Library staff portraits spring 2013
Kristin Henrich
Jessica Martinez
Evan Williamson


Want to work in the MILL? Get in touch with Kristin Henrich about future opportunities.

Ready to Create?

We’re here to help you learn innovative skills while you’re here at UI and beyond, using technology to create, tinker, and play, on your own or with others. Located on the first floor of the library, the MILL features 3D printing, large-format scanning, an audio and video production and editing suite including lighting and green screen, and a variety of other technology for you to explore, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Makey Makey, Ozobot, and View-Master. Not sure what any of those words mean? That’s okay–we’re here to help. Take one of our workshops, make an appointment for a one-on-one introduction, check out some of our tutorials, or just drop by to get an overview of what you can do in the space.

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